Tureng group, established in 2016, is a company based in London, that is prominently experienced and knowledged in property, business consultancy and event management. The foundations of the group is built upon good relationships with a network of solicitors, accountant, business advisers and estate agents as well as many big and small size companies who could provide the group with business and vice versa. Furthermore, the group pays a key attention to provide excellent service to clients, allowing people to always feel welcomes and cared for in the group.

Tureng group is highly networked business agency with a long involvement in property search consultancy, business development, PR, marketing and event management. We provide consultancy and event management service for our individual and corporate clients. Our principle is to ensure receive all the necessary tools to operate their businesses or execute their events in the UK market.

Working with the best

We have established a network of experienced partner companied to assist our clients in the best possible way. These professionals include:

  • Solicitors
  • Private client wealth managers
  • Education advisors
  • Tax advisors
  • Property search consultants
  • Market research companies

Four our clients, this ensures access to specialist expertise, support and reassurance across every aspect of the research, investment and visa process. We ensure that our group is in constant evolvement and a service built on the sole needs of your requirements, to find out more please contact us.