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One Stop Solution for All Your Business Needs

If you are considering reaching a new market, we can provide you with the relevant market information and look into the prospects of expanding your business in the UK. We can identify your competitors, and, at the same time, advise you on potential partners and suppliers. It is probably safe to say that in UK it is even more important than in most countries to find the right and most reliable connections. If you are in search of a trustworthy business partner in the UK then find a good friend first, and build this relationship step by step and on different levels. This approach will reap rewards.

We also have a reliable circle of professional British lawyers, tax advisors, Private client wealth managers, Education advisors, Property search consultants  and accountants, who are only too happy to be of service to you. We can accompany you on your exploratory trip to UK taking care of all the logistics, interpreting and scheduling meetings with potential partners. In addition, after the trip we can act as your agent in UK until you are fully established here.  For our clients, this means access to specialist expertise, support and reassurance across every aspect of the investment and visa process.

Our dedicated team of professionals will take you through the steps required for setting up your business. Our pre-investment facilitation services include: Provision of social, political and economic information, Guidance on registration requirements and provision of relevant legislation , Co-ordination of strategic alliances with private sector organisations, Introduction and on-going liaison with relevant government agencies, Facilitation of a comprehensive itinerary of relevant business meetings in the UK.

We also offer a customised client aftercare programme, designed to ensure that your investment experience is successful and free of impediments. We will continue to be the liaison between the investor and government departments and offer individual assistance to each investor. We stand ready to guide you through the process

Reasons To Invest and Have Business in The UK


A stable and democratic political system – A government committed to supporting businesses of all types and sizes – Free market economy which is the 6th biggest in the world and 3rd largest in Europe – British Pound considered to be a “safe haven” currency – Skilled and diverse labour market


Internationally renowned schools and universities – A thriving independent sector – An extensive and well-funded state sector


Cosmopolitan society – Rich heritage and dramatic landscapes – Five international airports in London and high speed connections to mainland Europe – Competitive tax rates and a tax system favourable to resident foreigners – Strong and respected system of law